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She still stuck wires into her arm and could communicate with Cylon Raiders and download her consciousness into another body, she was stronger than normal humans, there were many copies of her and her spine glowed. So I do distinguish her apart from Humans. Also what happened to Boomers other personality after this is never shown. I think explaining how she was a sleeper agent is not much of an explaination, at least for a machine that can do so much more. Hypnotherapy won't make you do what you don't want to do.
All of that was negated to nonsense or drug-induced barminess due to the fact that it was apparently impossible to distinguish them from humans. And if someone could plug into a computer cable by shoving it into a vein, there had to be some kind of hint that something was off since, you know, a human can't friggin' do that. Ditto for the spine. There's a reason that crap was only mentioned once and them completely ignored (yes, ignored). Likewise a friggin' robot with all of those features would not be sexually compatible with a normal human. Apes are more closely related to that but you don't see human-apes walking around. Well, not unless you hang around with rednecks or something, but that's debatable.

The consciousness download and cloning were all independent technologies not even developed (or capable of being developed by, apparently) the Cylons. Including the skinjobs. It's also a technology that comes up quite a bit in sci-fi, so it hardly had to be limited to a robot.

And sorry, but if you have the technology to not only download and transfer your consciousness from one body to another, as well as creating brand new consciousnesses from scratch, you also have the technology to alter those consciousnesses to your whim.

Funny thing is I read later than RDM said that red spine glowing stuff was retarded and he regretted using it since it only detracted from the story.
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