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Re: I, Borg and Descent

Voyager might have been better served if they confined the Borg to the fourth season. They did a good job of introducing them in Scorpion. By having a greater threat introduced it saved us the experience of having to see how little Voyager would fair going up against the mighty Borg. But having them appear over and over was just completely unrealistic. If the Borg really wanted them destroyed all they had to do was send one cube, fire, and Voyager is gone. I don't think the writing staff was prepared to write an enemy that really didn't talk or do anything interesting either. So they ramped up the Borg Queen as the mustache twirling villain and made her the focus instead of the Borg which completely gutted the whole concept of the Borg and made the drones into basically robot puppets. It would have been better if Kes had sent them out of Borg territory completely and the only Borg episodes we got were ones like Unity or Survival Instinct.
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