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Re: SW AU - A Glimmer of Hope


I'll give you this, you have some insightful comments on this story. Obi-Wan definitely misunderstands what is going on with Anakin, though whether it is because of what you have written here I'll leave you to figure out (hint: it is a bit more complex than that). As for your idea for the ending... Obviously I'm not going to say either way but is sure is interesting!


Glad I creeped you out!

Admiral Young

So glad to see your feedback! For the POD... Yes, the point of divergence was the battle in Palpatine's office. There are a lot of clues to where I'm going with this story in that prologue. A hell of a lot! (hint hint)

Obi-wan and Padme was a tough call but it seemed to fit with where I was going with this and what I wanted for Anakin - it seemed the perfect way to push Anakin out of the fledgling Alliance and to create some great conflict between him and Obi-Wan.

Really glad you're enjoying this and hope to see some more feedback in the later chapters!

The Badger

Killing off Chewbacca, especially in such an ignominious manner, really highlights the differences between this version and the other.

And the echo of the 'Help me Obi-Wan' line was cool, but not inappropriate.
Yeah, I wanted to show that this was not the reality we know and that no one is safe. Killing off Chewie seemed one of the best ways to do that.

And glad you liked the 'Help me Obi-Wan' line.

More coming soon!
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