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Re: I, Borg and Descent

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Well, it was inevitable in VOY's case since because otherwise they'd all be dead in 15 seconds.
Look, that's not true, and you KNOW it's not true. For god's sake, they went up against the Borg in Scorpion and came out on top, but nothing felt like a deus ex machina or cheap writing. You can face the Borg and make a good story of it. The problem is that if you use the same enemy enough times while not taking special care to preserve what originally made them interesting, they'll have to start losing some of their ferocity.

For this reason, I'm glad TNG used the Borg a number of times you can count on one hand. Or if you count BOBW as 2 eps and include FC, that's 7 times. And most of them did a pretty good job at maintaining that threat level, I think. And in Descent's case, they're not part of the collective anyway, so I don't count it as a knock against them.
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