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Re: The Plan - Grading & Discussion

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I don't think of Boomer as a machine...not much more than you or I. They were at best an artificial biological machine...which makes them biological and while different than Colonial humans, still biological.
She still stuck wires into her arm and could communicate with Cylon Raiders and download her consciousness into another body, she was stronger than normal humans, there were many copies of her and her spine glowed. So I do distinguish her apart from Humans. Also what happened to Boomers other personality after this is never shown. I think explaining how she was a sleeper agent is not much of an explaination, at least for a machine that can do so much more. Hypnotherapy won't make you do what you don't want to do.

And the destruction of the colonies music wasn't about the suffering of the Colonials, but of the swift and brutal efficiency of the Cylon attack.
When the Galactica fleet were blowing up the Hub and resurrection ship they didn't play upbeat music. So I still hold the view that for such a event be done a bit more tastefully.

I dont think you were going to learn any mind blowing new information, that would have cheapened the series. This was an addon movie that scifi wanted filmed after the show had wrapped if I remember.
If there is nothing new to learn then I find it rather pointless. It adds nothing to the series that we didn't already know. In fact it detracts from it because it goes too far to show everything that happened off screen. You can call that 'the cylon perspective' but what of it did we not know already. This was just filler. I would say I liked some parts, such as Cavil talking about the suicide vest being more of a homicide vest and the bits with him and the kid showing how truly bad he is.
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