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Venture Bros 4x02 (Grade and Discuss)

Will Hank meet his hero? Kevin Conroy guest stars on tonight's Venture Bros! I've been looking forward to this one for a while.

"Handsome Ransom"
The Monarch's abduction and ransom of Hank and Dean, part of his newest scheme to hurt Dr. Venture, inadvertently catches the attention of semi-retired super-hero Captain Sunshine. As Dr. Venture and The Monarch squabble over the rules of kidnapping, Hank must decide if he's ready to become Captain Sunshine's newest young and supple sidekick.
In case you miss it, the episode hasn't been loaded online, yet. I'm sure it will be sometime within the next week or so. Check the official Venture Bros. website.

Is it me, or does the casting of Kevin Conroy as Captain Sunshine have the potential for several meta-gags in this episode?
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