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Re: If Data Was A Female...

It certainly would have made Data's ... interlude... with Tasha Yar in "The Naked Now" a whole lot more interesting. And if they had had the balls of Star Trek TOS, that could have slowly been a launching point for some social issues over the course of the 7 years of the series: Tasha not being okay with it because of the society she comes from, but deciding that it doesn't have to mean that she is gay because Data is a machine. Data later attempting to explore issues of sexuality, and becoming confused when most other crew people don't have the same issues Yar did, but some do for different reasons. In particular, I can envision a conversation between this female Data and Dr. Crusher at the end of "The Host" with Data asking Beverly why it makes a difference that Odan is in a female body....

Summer Glau would have been way too young to play our female Data, obviously, as would Keegan Connor Tracy - but I think the fact that I could see either of them playing the part well proves (to me, anyway) that they could have found a convincing actress for the role back then.
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