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alternate edits, deleted scenes & Trek

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I've always loved seeing different edits of films and TV shows, whether it's Blade Runner, Superman II, the Alien movies

It's down to the individual to decide which is better...

So long as both versions co-exist. The more time passes, the more it doesn't matter.
ChristopherPike that was so well said! As Trek fans we would all love to see the 'what ifs...' of cutting room floor outtakes and deleted scenes and even the unshot but storyboarded sequences edited together with someone reading the scripted dialogue and descriptions.
With the DVD medium we got deleted scenes as well as all the behind the scenes footage shot on location starting with Generations.
For fans to be able to have this stuff is great. Even for an film like ST V:TFF we are (mostly) happy to hear about what could have been.
I haven't seen Superman II the Richard Donner Cut but I know it's out there.
Yes in 40 years who knows if both versions will be talked about and remembered as part of Hollywood history.
Roddenberry's multiple efforts (The Cage & 2nd pilot) getting TOS up and running and the popularity and longevity of the Trek franchise allow for these unaired episode/alternate edits to be seen by fans. If Paramount/CBS Home Video can make money with this stuff they will. Who other than Trek fans really cares to see two 1970s TV pilots that were not produced as TV series Genesis II, & Planet Earth on DVD? Warner Brothers knew they would be able to sell them...
The director's cut of Aliens (1986) really adds to Ripley's backstory and her connection with Newt. The film doesn't really seem to suffer for being too long. I have the DVD and think it's a great film and am glad to have these scenes added back in.

While off topic that said it is HIGHLY unlikely there will be a director's cut with new visual effects of STV:TFF that Paramount/CBS would have to put money into. The 2003 Sp.Col. Edition DVD will be the last time I think we'll see it as it was included on Star Trek Motion Picture Collection (Blu-Ray) but not released as a separate release you could purchase.
Highly unlikely they'll put any money into releasing a sp. col. edition Blu-Ray of STV:TFF other than less digital noise reduction on the video image. Some films we don't need to see any more work put into.

Perhaps down the road Paramount/CBS Home Video would be willing to release more alternative-edited Trek when the home video well runs dry between nuTrek films after the eventual ENTERPRISE series Blu-ray release & maybe like Warner Brothers have done with a DVD-R release so as to make small duplication runs instead of a high # of duplications to possibly be sitting in a warehouse unsold?

Star Trek: Enterprise The Complete First Season has 16 deleted scenes on the DVD
Star Trek: Enterprise The Complete Second Season has 8 deleted scenes on the DVD
Star Trek: Enterprise The Complete Third Season has 6 deleted scenes on the DVD
Star Trek: Enterprise The Complete Fourth Season has 3 deleted scenes on the DVD

No deleted scenes are on the TNG, VOY, and DS9 DVDs.
Are there deleted scenes from TNG, VOY, and DS9 episodes we'd like to see? I'm sure there are even in subpar one-light workprint form on 3/4" or BetaSP format 20-year old videotapes. That's how some of the Motion Picture collection deleted scenes have been presented even on the Blu-rays but we are happy to have them to see the what ifs...

Such as the NOT included deleted scenes - like Quark's cut bit from Insurrection.

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