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Re: Season 3 Blu-Ray: December 15

I've always loved seeing different edits of films and TV shows, whether it's Blade Runner, Superman II, the Alien movies, serials like Doctor Who recut to feature-length with cut footage originally dropped to bring it on time. Seeing the original cut of Where No Man Has Gone Before is on that level. Sure the difference amounts to a just few minutes, that's still enough time to cast the whole episode in a different light. It's down to the individual to decide which is better... It's an obsessive fan gene for sure and it doesn't necessarily matter to your average viewer. They're perfectly willing to just have an end product, with or without Deckerd's on the nose, Marlowesque voice-over, an overly comedic Superman sequel or not. So long as both versions co-exist. The more time passes, the more it doesn't matter. The more choice the merrier.
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