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Re: Navy testing two pricey, super-fast warships

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I agree. As I've stated on this board before, I truly believe the days of the aircraft carrier are numbered due to unmanned UAVs. The Navy started with the Wasp Class carriers and will most likely continue with even smaller carrier type ships.
Why do you think that? Why do you think a fast jet UAV would need a smaller deck than a fast jet piloted aircraft? If anything the new carriers the US Navy is building are bigger, the new RN carriers are bigger than anything they have had before? The Wasp class are essentially carriers in that they have a flight deck but they are amphibious assault ships, with well decks, and are only carriers in a strictly secondary sense.

Ultimately UAVs will take over a LOT of jobs, but you need a pilot up there to fight for and gain air superiority and although eventually this will be accomplished remotely (possibly) there would still be the issue of being able to fell a whole squadron with simple jamming.

The same holds for the Arleigh Burke class Destroyers. There are people here who scream that the Navy *must* build battleships, yet the AB class rendered them obsolete.
Hard to argue with this in any way, Battleships were obsolete by WW2, the only reason for the re-activation of the Iowa class battleships was the Russian Kirov class battle-cruisers, and they are very expensive to combat a ship that a squadron of F-18s could deal with much more cheaply.

The Navy needs to be able to adapt for future threats. It always has and always will.
Indeed - and back on topic these new ships are likely to be the future in some ways, but probably will work out to be a bit too expensive. I expect the US military to learn some hard lessons from the F-22.
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