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Re: Dollhouse 2x4 Belonging Grade-Discuss-Commentary **SPOILERS**

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Well, given that they are happy to brainwipe some NSA dude or whatever the old security officer was, I don't think these people have any morals about snatching people off the street.
Yeah, it's amazing how much these people are like...uh, people.

I like Topher, BTW. Hell, I like everyone on the damned show.

Part of the subtext of this series that makes it so creepy is recognizing that the "morality" of the Dollhouse is a pretty accurate reflection of how the world actually works. Most everyone is far more morally compromised than they'll admit to themselves, and that's the price of participation in our society. If one wants to be moral in the uncomplicated way that "good" characters in most popular fiction are one has to opt out of, for example, the consumer economy; filling up the gas tank makes a person complicit in heinous crimes that are taking place very day.

Oh, except that there are a whole bunch of good reasons that none of us are culpable for that and it's not really true anyway and, you know, you can't put a price on human life and all that reassuring sentimental stuff.
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