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Re: Salma Hayek: Genre babe of the week #44 (Oct. 2009)

[QUOTE=Out Of My Vulcan Mind;3517320]The Top 16 as things stand now:

1. Scarlett Johansson (91.08%)
2. Carla Gugino (88.62%)
3. Josie Maran (88.04%)
4. Jeri Ryan (88.03%)
5. Olivia Munn (86.82%)
6. Salma Hayek (85.19%)
7. Olivia Wilde (83.33%)
8. Krista Allen (82.00%)
9. Jennifer Connelly (81.54%)
10. Emmy Rossum (80.65%)
11. Rachel McAdams (79.82%)
12. Amanda Righetti (79.41%)
13. Lynda Carter (79.20%)
14. Jennifer Morrison (78.86%)
15. Amy Adams (77.94%)
16. Anna Friel (77.78%)

This kind of surprises me. I would have though Olivia Munn would be higher considering all the fanboy love she gets. I would have thought Jeri Ryan would be lower, a lot of people like to bag on the Borg Barbie. Carla Gugino at number #2?! I mean she is hot and all, but she doesn't stand out enough to me to be so high. Glad to see there is enough old school spirit here to give Lynda a boost. Still think Eliza should be in the top 16 and I think Emma would be, but people are too uncomfortable to admit it.
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