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Re: Dollhouse 2x4 Belonging Grade-Discuss-Commentary **SPOILERS**

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I don't get why this is any worse than any of the other "engagements". Because he's creepy raper dude? So what? The other times, they just going on "dates" and not being whored out?
It's not the raping, it's the procurement. He altered her mind with drugs, misrepresented her as a schizophrenic, and gave her to the Dollhouse for the sole purpose of having a rapetoy. He tricked them into thinking she was irrevocably damaged and unable to live with dignity or happiness. Say what you want about how the Dollhouse treats actives, they do seem to prefer recruiting volunteers and lost causes vs. snatching people off the street.
At least this branch of the Dollhouse.
Well, given that they are happy to brainwipe some NSA dude or whatever the old security officer was, I don't think these people have any morals about snatching people off the street. Yeah, they say these people want to forget their traumas... but I have to imagine that there are people who are just "caught" by these guys and mindwiped.
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