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Re: The Romulan War: Beneath the Raptor's Wing - Discuss (SPOILERS)

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I especially like the idea that the Enterprise and its sister ships represent the "Edsel" of the 22nd Century.
Well, not really. More like the Tucker -- a design that was ahead of its time but didn't have widespread success due to various factors. But a lot of design elements of the NX class do end up in the Constitution and other 23rd-century classes.

I'm noticing a lot more typos and other such errors than usual. In particular, the supporting character Haroun al-Rashid has inexplicably become Haroun el-Rashid. I'm wondering if this is the result of all the editorial upheaval during the book's writing.
Well, "al-" and "el-" are both acceptable transliterations of the Arabic definite article.

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^ We don't know. But clearly more than one.
Clearly? How can you tell? Just because this book has a subtitle?
You can tell because the ending of the book is, as I said, a cliffhanger on multiple levels. It's an escalation rather than a resolution. There's no question that the book is intended to be Part One of the story rather than the whole story.
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