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Star Trek: Crew in Trade Paperback

The trade paperback collection of John Byrne's Star Trek: Crew apparently just came out. I just bought and read it yesterday at any rate. What an awesome TOS-style series! I'm a big Byrne fan anyway, but this is my favorite stuff I've seen from him lately. If you are a TOS fan and haven't seen this yet, pick it up!

There are at least two Starfleet ship classes that I don't believe I've ever seen before. U.S.S. Fortune is a smaller ship that doesn't look quite like any of the other ship classes I've seen, but in terms of design really fits into the fleet. I'm not sure the class of U.S.S. Ventura, either, but its design cleaves a little closer to the usual.

Really the design elements, from the ships down to the settings and "costuming," really evoke TOS without seeming totally derivative. Byrne seems to be channeling Matt Jeffries.

The science officer, Luabba, in Issue 4, is a very cool looking alien. I'm not sure exactly what he is, but I'd love to see a photomanipulation of an actor made to look like him In fact, I might try to do one myself at some point.

Issue 4 was my favorite of the stories, despite the fact that TOS-style Klingons figure prominently in Issue 1. Even more than the other issues it felt like an unproduced episode. I'd love to revisit the planet from this issue in a sequel, and I fully plan to lift it wholesale for an RPG scenario at some point.

Number One reappears in Byrne's Romulans: Schism miniseries, which I've been picking up an enjoying a lot too. I missed Hollow Crown, and I can't find my copy of the Alien Spotlight: Romulans that Byrne did, so I'm looking forward to the upcoming Byrne Romulans trade paperback, but after seeing some previews of the Klingons in the latest miniseries, I couldn't bring myself to wait before reading this latest mini.

Anyway, the point is that I can't recommend Crew highly enough for any TOS fans.
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