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Re: The Romulan War: Beneath the Raptor's Wing - Discuss (SPOILERS)

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I thought I read here somewhere that the Romulan War was to be a trilogy but was cut to BTRW instead.
That's a common misperception. It was never solidly planned to be a trilogy; that was just a possibility that was hinted at early on when it hadn't even been decided yet what its format would be. So nothing was "cut." And BTRW is just the first book to chronicle the Romulan War, and it ends with something of a cliffhanger. It's clearly not meant to be the only book about the war.

That & I can't remember if ENT is on the schedual for next year either, the big thing in '10 is the Typhon Pact & Post Trek XI books I think.
The behind-the-scenes planning in the editorial department is always well ahead of what's actually been announced to the public. And there are always variations in the schedule from year to year. 2010 is loaded with TOS and Abramsverse because it's Pocket's first real opportunity to tie into the movie. But 2011 is the 10th anniversary of Enterprise, so it's logical to assume there will be a greater ENT focus that year.

I just finished the book, and I thought it did an intriguing job of bridging ENT and TOS continuities, showing how one led into the other.

I'm generally not a fan of war stories, but this book doesn't really focus much on the combat; it's more about the politics, the cultures, the personal journeys, the history of this long-discussed but never-depicted era. And so I found it fascinating to see this story told at last.
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