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Re: Navy testing two pricey, super-fast warships

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impressive. I could see a good chunk of money for Destroyers getting rerouted to ships like these. It's been said for a while now, but the "deep Navy" concept is fairly outdated at this point, and littoral missions are a big chunk of the future needs. Spreading out the money on a larger fleet of smaller, faster, more customizable ships like this is the way forward...
I agree. As I've stated on this board before, I truly believe the days of the aircraft carrier are numbered due to unmanned UAVs. The Navy started with the Wasp Class carriers and will most likely continue with even smaller carrier type ships. The same holds for the Arleigh Burke class Destroyers. There are people here who scream that the Navy *must* build battleships, yet the AB class rendered them obsolete.

The Navy needs to be able to adapt for future threats. It always has and always will.
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