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Re: Dollhouse 2x4 Belonging Grade-Discuss-Commentary **SPOILERS**

Talk Soup is over, here I am and I see we are all on the same page as of now.

This episode was top notch!!
Everything from Topher to Boyd and all in between made this not only the best episode of season two but maybe the best episode(aired) to date. It plays on the backstory built up over a number of eps in season one. Character interactions and developments.

Even Echos limited role this episode resonated with the growth her character has been showing(ie remembering). Not to put too fine a point on it cause I know some are not Eliza fans but the best episode(imo) has been the one that didn't prominently feature her and I'm not anti-Eliza.

I did notice that Ballard was nowhere to be seen this episode. I suppose because since he is Echo's handler and she didn't go on an engagement we didn't see her.

At least we are going on hiatus with a strong episode. Argh, if things go as they seem I'm so going to miss this show. Knowing that there are 13eps and when word came down it could be a series finale for 2x13 they were filming 2x8 that really only leaves 5 episodes to craft a type of resolution. Seems like with so much we know can possible happen that its a very limited space to craft a largely satisfactory conclusion.

Keep pushing this show folks!!!! Maybe, just maybe....maybe!!!
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