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Pity, because, before the Moral Dilemma and Decision of the Week, the episode was very good and very charming, and Phlox was being nicely fleshed out.
This was actually what I really liked about the episode. I could live with the forgettable moral decision and all that, but Phlox was what made the episode good.


Series: Enterprise - Season One
Episode: ďVox SolaĒ
Trek Installment # 21
Grade: B
Viewing Date: September 30, 2009

I was actually very pleased with this episode. The crew encounter some serious aliens here. The easily offended Kreetassan are kinda fun. The web-monster was interesting too and it was very nice to have some conflict among Phlox, Reed, TíPol, and Hoshi in regards to it. I really liked the scene with TíPol and Hoshi where TíPol tells her that she holds Hoshi to a higher standard. It was a nice moment, because it spoke of the amount of respect she has for Sato. Likewise, Phloxís objection to Reedís experimental force field use was appreciated.

Mayweather . . . well, someone had to say ďIím sorry.Ē

In addition to giving us some alien aliens (and some new regular good olí fashioned humanoid aliens), weíve got a great chance to let the rest of the crew grow and develop Ė and react off each other. This was a good episode for it and Iím very pleased with it.
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