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Re: The Romulan War: Beneath the Raptor's Wing - Discuss (SPOILERS)

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^ From the wording it does look like they are older than the NX class since they lack the warp 5 engine. They were never mentioned on ENT but I figured they were to be the warp 7 ships launched after Enterprise was retired. I know that both the year they came into the fleet & the name were never official but I thought somewhere it said they were launched after the war.

Regardless I'm liking the book & hope the rest of the war is covered someday.
What makes you think it wouldn't be?
I thought I read here somewhere that the Romulan War was to be a trilogy but was cut to BTRW instead. That & I can't remember if ENT is on the schedual for next year either, the big thing in '10 is the Typhon Pact & Post Trek XI books I think.

Someone refresh my memory circuits please.
Well, I'm pretty sure it's been described as the first book to cover the War and based on what I've heard this book doesn't end the war yet, and I doubt very much that the entire war won't be covered. I think they also added the third title for the same reason.
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