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Re: Star Trek : Angel

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Get out of my mind, TrekkieMonster
My mind to your mind ..., my thoughts to your thoughts ....

I love this place sometimes. The folks on my football BBS don't have nearly this much fun.

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I feel overwhelmed here people! Thank you for all of the great compliments surrounding the Franklin Class. She continues to evolve over time as I want her to be perfect... After all, she is my baby!
And thank you friend, for posting the renderings and composites of the Angel. She needs some recognition across the Pond!
Recognition you have, and well deserved. She's a beauty.

And to the author, unfortunately I've gotten stuck and am still very far behind in my Angel reading.

The good news is, however, that I leave on a cruise vacation tomorrow and expect to have plenty of time to read. I've loaded this, Broken Sword (to date) and your SF Academy stories all onto my e-reader and am looking forward to an Angel orgy ..., er reading orgy, to be clear.
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