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Re: Season 3 Blu-Ray: December 15

But it's still an alternate version that is, in some small ways, superior to the aired. VERY small ways, I grant you...Grant. Such as the full coverages of the fight at the end, which had the more "brutal" knee-blows replaced by Dehner reaction shots. None of this, however, changes the episode to any great degree. In fact, the aired version is moe than great as is. But it's also a nice look at a format we never saw (Act I, and so on).

Besides, The Cage isn't an "alternate cut", it's a "restored cut" since without those scenes, the episode wouldn't exist at all other than as footage in The Menagerie. The WNMHGB cut IS truly an alternate cut, since it includes different music, additional shots, scenes and lines.

I agree, it's not like finding a 90 minute cut of the episode, but it is a different version that is historically interesting - but really only to the die hards like me. My wife couldn't care less. :-)

Actually, I've seen stills of Gary Mitchell walking on the bridge with sunglasses, scenes not in the aired or unaired episode. I assume the full scenes are long gone, but it would have been interesting to see how that played out.
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