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Re: Salma Hayek: Genre babe of the week #44 (Oct. 2009)

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I've only voted down on one babe and that was only because I didn't like her as a person (or rather the "person" that comes across to me on camera.)

I have given many blonde babes a thumbs-up but, yes, I will often give blondes a thumbs-sideways simply becayse blondes do nothing for me, it's more the "generic blonde" type I do this wife.

Age is a whole other matter, considering the guy called her an "old babe" when Salma is at the "ripe old" age of friggin' 43.
Sideways and down is pretty much the same thing in the context of the Genre Babe threads.

And 43 is quite old for a Hollywood actress, that's not fair, but that's the way it is.
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