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Re: DS9 Avatar Contest 117

Loki Dukat wrote: View Post
I was using the resize edit function on photobucket. I can't resize to exactly 100x100 but I've got it to 100x75, like so...

The above entry is fine as it doesn't exceed the size limit.

I'd also like to suggest some software besides the ones already suggested. There are some very easy-to-use software that can be used for cropping and resizing. Irfanview and xnview are two such programs. You should check them out if you feel like trying on software for your image editing.

the_constable wrote: View Post
Whomping Wicca wrote: View Post
^ Here you go, I've attached it to this post. Let me know if you want another speed.
Looks good to me, thanks Wicca!
You're welcome!

Crimea River wrote: View Post
XD. Cardassians are just that awesome, though, I think I am going to do something else for the 100x100 icon; I'm actually making a Vorta and he's awesome. XD
DS9 was a great show for Cardassians! I'm quite fond of the cardassians portrayed in DS9 as well!
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