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Re: Sela Ward: Genre babe of the week #43 (Oct. 2009)

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The next GBOW is a Hall of Fame hottie. Her geekdom credits include playing a vampiric erotic dancer and playing the female lead in a certain notoriously disliked steampunk western.
Ok, fair dues. I didn't see that particular "steampunk western" and I don't watch vampire stuff any more.
"Vampire" is way extreme for that role she played.

She was more inspiring than that. Infact she was Inspiration. She also helped stopped the unmaking of exsistance.

I'm guessing the reference was to a certain Tarantino flick in which she had a bit part (pun intended) and not the Kevin Smith movie.

What was the lesbian one with the unibrow? That look has really tarnished my memories of her.
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