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Re: Dukat's love for Ziyal--genuine or selfish?

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^ Goodness. I am not a great believer in Dukat the perfect and loving father (I think he was a wretched father, who still loved his daughter on some twisted level) but that's a bit too cynical and twisted even for how I imagine Dukat!

It is an interesting theory - really - but I can't see it. I realize we are talking about fictional characters here, but even within that framework, it just isn't realistic. I cannot even begin to imagine how an actor could play somebody like that.

Edit: It would be like being handed a list of unrelated character traits (stupid, insane, wants to kill daughter, desperate for sex with a particular woman) and being told "There. Play somebody like that." Which would be impossible, I think, because I doubt that there is anyone "like that."

If what I heard is true. Alaimo was playing Dukat the genocidal dictator of Bajor and Cardassia has a good guy. I'm pretty sure an actor like him would find a way to get into the soul of Dukat.
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