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Re: The Romulan War: Beneath the Raptor's Wing - Discuss (SPOILERS)

34 pages into it so far and I have two thoughts:

1. Someone's going to complain about the idea of the United Earth Starfleet having an orbital space dock named after President Obama, but I think it's completely reasonable of Mister Martin to include that detail. Barack Obama is a historic President -- the first African-American President of the United States. Whatever else he does, that's something he'll always be remembered for, and it certainly ranks up there with accomplishments that we've seen ships and stations named for in Star Trek in the past.

2. On page 34, T'Pau is referred to by the title of "Administrator," implying that she holds the same office that V'Las held, yet Kobayashi Maru had established that she held the office of First Minister of the Confederacy of Vulcan. Further, the Vulcan High Command is referenced earlier in the book, yet "Awakening" had established that the Vulcan High Command had been dissolved, something confirmed when Kobayashi Maru established that the Vulcan head of government was now First Minister rather than Administrator. What's up with this apparent continuity glitch?
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