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I prefer to be alone. The friends I had either stabbed me in the back over nothing or just abandoned me when I was not working a few years back. My family is a train wreck and toxic, so I don't want to be around them at all. It never fails every woman I get involved with says "you are the nicest & sweetest guy I have been with" but the relationships end up being physical and I want something more...they just don't work out. I totally give up on meeting someone, getting married and having a family. Plus now that I am broke and have no hopes of finding anything...people act like they don't know me. Being alone is good.
Well, you say being alone is good, but obviously things have been rough on you. I hope you either truly find peace alone, or you find people who can support you in the ways that you deserve.
I agree

I must say I can empathize to some small extent. When things don't go well it's somewhat comforting to say the hell with it I'd rather be on my own where I don't have to deal with this crap. But for myself, even though I learned to be self-sufficient and can function well on my own the yearning inside for some connection never really goes away, and every so often it comes forth and can feel almost all encompassing.

It may be hard to believe but there are decent people out there, and it's a joy when you find them. Mind you, you also have to be willing to give something of yourself in exchange.
I hope so. I am always open to people I meet. I really want to move and go somewhere new and see where that takes me. I just know living where I am's a lost cause.

I Thank you both for your words.
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