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Re: I, Borg and Descent

My feelings about the Borg from all the Borg episodes--

"Q Who?" -- Great.

"BOBW" -- Great.

"I, Borg" -- Not bad. At this point the Borg are still unstoppable in combat. Picard avoids conflict with Borg. The Borg still have their balls.

DS9's "Emissary" -- Unstoppable Borg flashback. Good stuff.

"Descent" -- Meh. Crusher defeating the Borg takes some of their balls away, even if these aren't normal Borg.

"First Contact" -- Complete pile of monkey poo. What made the Borg interesting and frightening was that they were a collective, with no single voice, no personality. Moore and Braga ruin that with a sexy Borg queen. Now the Borg are a "hive," one of the oldest cliches in b-movie history.

Voyager episodes -- Never watched them, never will.

Enterprise episode -- the last episode of the series I ever bothered watching. Crap.
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