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Re: The Plan - Grading & Discussion

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The production itself was quite impressive especially for a TV movie. Nice camera work and editing, nice direction and wife on the part of Olmos. Even the smallest guest roles were generally well acted. Lots of cool little references back to S1/2.

But still I'm gonna say Average, and here's why:

Cavil's Plan, which is supposed to underpin the whole series, is ridiculously convoluted and self-defeating. He's supposedly trying to destroy the fleet (not very effectively), and at the same time he wants to watch in glee as the FF suffer a human life until they beg for his forgiveness. The opposition of these two goals doesn't make sense, even for someone driven by petulant emotions.

Moreover, I'm not convinced that someone who hates himself and humanity so much, would be so willing to play the role of a petulant human, AND willingly engage in the human trait of deceit. If he hates being what he is, why does he stick around in a place where he's constantly reminded of it? Seems like a better (and more believable) path for Cavil would've been complete ambivalence towards humanity, to go off into the stars and evolve into something else..

Also, there are simply more elegant plans out there. The idea that Cavil was looking for Earth all along, that the apocalypse was just a rouse to get humanity to fulfill the prophecy and find THAT is a Plan. And until they said otherwise, it still could've been.

There were other little niggles too. They go to the trouble of working in the elephants from Downloaded, which is a really neat little link. But at the same time they didn't work that in to Gaeta's handshake in KLG?! We still don't know what it was that he handed to Boomer just before she shot Adama..I thought they were going to reveal that he gave her an elephant or something.

imho, it just goes to show that sometimes things are better left a mystery. in this case because the explanations they came up with, are sometimes a bit too mundane and don't really explain EVERYTHING anyway. and so the few things still don't quite track, stand out a bit more..

Finally, Shelley Godfrey will always be a manifestation of HeadSix. At least to me.

All that said, we *did* find out who RealSix met on Caprica. That's something.
In other words, you vote that it's average because the explanations we got were not those you wanted?
No, I say it's average because it feels like the writers are being unnecessarily apologetic to their audience.

It's like, "look! there really was a Plan!" Even though there wasn't really.

I think I much prefer the approach of Daybreak, which was to leave things unapologetically mysterious.
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