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Re: Treking through all Star Trek

Series: Enterprise - Season One
Episode: ďDetainedĒ
Trek Installment # 20
Grade: C-
Viewing Date: September 29, 2009

Itís not a bad installment, but itís a ham-fisted one. The allegory is like a punch in the face. Morality play is one thing Ė making it so incredibly obvious that even the lead actor states that itís just like it is another. Iím sorry, but I can figure this out on my own.

Archer pretty much gets the worst captain ever award in this episode too. He has the chance to escape and formulate a plan . . . when instead he decides to just hang out. He doesnít even give his own officer a chance to get out. Instead, without considering that Al might be telling the truth about the Suliban or really caring about the consequences, he frees 80something Suliban. And doesnít Archer know that old saying Ė ďthe enemy of my enemy is my friend?Ē Why didnít he try to bargain with Al? Give him some info, try and get some info, and do it all for allowing the Suliban to go free or something.

Maybe Iím being too harsh. Iíve seen in others reviews that a lot of people like this episode, and I can see that reasoning. The fact that not all the Suliban are evil and that we have a decent character in Grat (Al) helped keep this episode afloat. And yes, Al. I actually liked having him here, but even though we never see him again. I felt like he needed to be smoking a big olí cigar the whole time and smacking his PADD, but whatever.

It just gets bogged down with the ďechoes of World War Two.Ē
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