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Re: Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--The Honor Vigil

I can see where there are a few similarities...this is a bit of a different idea, though.

I did some thinking about why a uniform of this nature might've evolved, and I got the idea that it was worn by charioteers and foot soldiers. In my idea of Cardassia, combat had to evolve in different directions because there were not beasts of burden large enough to bear as much weight as horses did in Earth combat. And since it's easier to pull something than to carry it, I figured chariots and similar conveyances remained in active use for longer.

The idea behind the "robe" of mail is to make it harder for your enemies to cut your legs out from under you, either if you're on foot in an infantry role, or especially while you're standing as you drive a chariot. The pike, incidentally, is to mess with enemies with similar conveyances, either by messing with the chariots or taking a shot at the driver or "gunner" (or whatever you called it back then).

I think that even as Hebitian military traditions evolved more towards things that we would recognize and that we see in modern Cardassian warfare, that this tradition still remained for ceremonial guards even though it disappeared in the modern military--or was highly modified. To me, the cuirass seemed like it could've been an ancient design, and some of the patterning on the sleeves definitely reminded me of chain mail, so it seemed like the modern uniform could be acknowledging something like this in their past while still being adapted for modern day use.
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