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Re: I.S.S. Titan & I.S.S. Ares

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[SIZE=2]Raven Class Heavy Cruiser[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]U.S.S. Raven[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]Here is the Federation Version of the Raven Class, as requested here and on a few other sites[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]*Designers Note. Yes this is pretty much a kit bash of the Constitution Class and my Kestrel Class.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]I pretty much just swapped out the Nacelles, added phaser strips and a few life pods. Not very creative, but I kinda like how she turned out.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]And with the Imperial hardware taken off the Raven has even more of a Constitution Apperance.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2] [/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]The Raven was created in Adobe Illustrator CS3[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]Sean Tourangeau 2009 [/SIZE]
^This is a very good way of bringing the Constitution class ship into the 24th Century, with some nods to the Abrams re-design! The mirror version is as well, although the emblem looks like a raven that's just been flattened by a big MU symbol!

Having seen you takes on Riker and Vale, Titan Designer, it would be interesting to see your takes on the other notable Titan characters in the Mirror Universe.
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