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Re: Was killing K'Ehleyr the right decision?

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It was the right decision for the story they were telling - had K'Ehleyr not been killed, Worf would not have killed Duras. Had Duras not been killed, Gowron would not have become Chancellor. Had Gowron not become Chancellor, the Klingon Civil War would not have begun.

Likewise, without K'Ehleyr's death, Alexander would not have been left in Worf's care. I'll grant that there are still stories that could have been told with K'Ehleyr alive, but it served Worf's character better for her to die - her death allowed him the opportunity to both reclaim his family honor and become a father, both of which were more difficult to show with her still alive.
Yes, they needed her to die for the story.

Besides, it seemed to be an unwritten rule that TNG couldn't have a regular in an actual relationship.

But it was a shame since I liked her and found her more interesting than Worf, or the majority of TNG regulars.
Hmm what can I say? I thought she was a great character ~ strong, independant and humourous. She would have made a great addition to the crew.

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Yeah, I know, the TNG characters needed a bit of a kick in the pants on a good day, and it would have been fun to see her stick around and deliver one to a character who needed it (to me, that was part of the fun of the Worf/Jadzia relationship on DS9).

Still, the story they wanted to tell needed her death to motivate it. While it could have been told a bit better in some aspects, I can't see how she couldn't have been left alive and still give Worf the same desire - when it was just his honor at stake, he didn't have a problem with leaving his family honor tarnished, knowing it was for a good cause, keeping the Empire together. But with K'mpec dead, Duras close to getting his job, AND now a son, who he has to take care of with K'Ehleyr's death, he wants his son to be able to be accepted in Klingon society. If K'Ehleyr had lived, she could give him a life that didn't tie back to the Klingon beliefs, but Worf doesn't think like that - you are a Klingon, you must be raised Klingon. And the Klingon beliefs said that with the House of Mogh dishonored, Alexander too would be dishonored and unable to survive in Klingon society. Worf accepted that, but he wanted Alexander to have the option to join Klingon society.
I'm sure they could have created a story-line that still included K'Ehleyr. Worf and she did not have to stay together, and the arguements they would have had about Alexander's upbringing would have been epic. It could have been a brilliant 'on going star-crossed lovers story'!
Oh for goodness sake it's not that important.
Unless it is really important ~ then you can always email it to me and I'll ignore it again tomorrow.
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