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Re: Star Ship Polaris

I have really enjoyed watching the creative thought process evolve on this project. I also respect the talents of all involved and I hope you won’t mind a relative rookie tossing in his two credits.

On the aft ring, have you considered replacing the ring arcs with panels that are hinged to either the engine pods or the main disk? In that configuration they could open and close in synch with the sails and their function would be clearly related to the stardrive.

A lot of thought has gone into the design logic of Polaris but I have a question about the sails. Maybe I missed or have forgotten something in previous posts, but why do the sails need to move? On an aircraft you retract the landing gear and flaps in order to reduce aerodynamic drag. In space there is no drag. If the ship can’t engage the stardrive until the sails are open then why not just mount them in the open position and eliminate the added mass and complexity of moving parts? Now if the “physics” of the stardrive require variable position sails during different phases of transition or at different speeds that is a whole different situation.

Good luck and I look forward to following the progress.
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