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Re: SW AU - A Glimmer of Hope

The Badger

Thanks so much! I'm glad you're enjoying this despite the absence of Leia in a metal bikini!

No, I doubt she would stand for it, would she? However, who knows what might happen down the line...


I'm so glad that this alternate universe makes sense - I spent a long time working out exactly how this galaxy would develop under these circumstances and I'm happy that shows and more importantly that it works.

I'd be interested to know what your guesses are regarding Lance... As to the Organa's not being able to have children, there is an explanation for that.

To answer your question - Luke is much less of a rebel than he was in our timeline, but he does still have the Force within him. How that will develop, though, will not at all be how it did in our timeline.


Thanks, it is cool you find this interesting. Kie-wan will have a much larger role later on, for now he is a complication.


Wow, thanks for this indepth commentary of the first two chapters, can't wait to see what you think of the others.

So, the old Republic is still dead, fractured into the Empire and the Alliance. The Jedi still live, or at least some of them do, and thatís a telling difference in and of itself. That as senior a Jedi as Obi Wan is still out performing missions more appropriate for a much younger warrior indicates to me that these are still dark and desperate times.
In this galaxy, the Sith are openly revealed, meaning that Force-able young men and women are just as likely to be found and trained by the Sith as by the Jedi. That means less people to train, but also means that the Jedi have been forced to relax their strict conditions in order to remain a force in the galaxy.

Good to see Lando at the helm of the Falcon. Apparently, in this reality heís better at cards.
Or maybe there was no one there to win it from him...

Luke has had the influence of a father, rather than a distant and contentious relationship with an aunt and uncle who are trying to shield him from his heritage. One wonders how this has effected him, and what differences we might find from the Luke we all know. Anikan is embittered, and rightfully so, as heís been physically and mentally scarred and his beloved wife is dead (or so it would appear).
Luke is still Luke, but yes his upbringing has changed him. He is much more angry and the secrets his father has kept from him aren't going to help things...

Youíre laying a terrific foundation for a very different kind of story here. Looking forward to more.
Again, Thanks!!! Can't wait to read your comments for the rest.

Thanks to you all, so glad you're enjoying this little story set A Long Time Ago...
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