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Re: The Plan - Grading & Discussion

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I'm not sure what you're saying here...
I just found it odd that it took her months to accept she was a Cylon after she was resurrected in Downloaded, but whenever she is "activated" in The Plan she is willing to carry out her orders like a good Cylon. It struck me as a little odd.

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Did anyone catch on to the fact, that the elephant that Cavil used as a trigger for Boomer, was the same one that stood on the table in her apartment in Downloaded?
I remembered something about wooden elephants on Caprica but I couldn't remember if they were in Boomer's apartment or in Kara's.

One other complaint, and I can't believe I'm saying this, but I was a little upset by the score. I realise that Bear reused a lot of old tracks from the first two seasons (and some of Richard Gibb's tracks from the miniseries) to help The Plan fit into that timeline, but as someone intimately acquainted with the music from BSG it sounded a bit repetitive to me. It particularly stood out when Something Dark is Coming started playing; I thought it was going to build into an epic scene but instead it just faded away before it reached the good part. The originally composed music was excellent though, I loved the stuff he scored for the apocalypse scenes.
I almost wonder if a concession or deal was made for the score to The Plan due to the epic (and expensive) nature of Daybreak (and season 4's score as a whole) to skimp budgetarily on the score. I don't know, I'm probably grasping at straws here, but I do know Bear went all out with Daybreak, and here there was a much smaller ensemble and much smaller score in general.

I personally would much rather have seen a totally out of the park, kick ass score with full orchestra, but maybe that wasn't appropriate here.

In all honesty, I've been good and I have not seen it yet. I'm waiting to legitimately watch it.
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