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Re: Carly Pope: Genre babe of the week #6 (Feb. 2009)

Carly Pope has a gorgeous face, I'm a sucker for dark hair/fair skin and she has gotten better looking as she's gotten older, but... Carly Pope is also the flattest working actress in North America. Even if you can make do without breasts, the rest of her body is nothing special.
Carly has generally done good work whenever she's been cast, but... after Popular, her projects have ranged from bad to meh. "Better than the material" is a double-edged sword.
Carly Pope comes across in interviews as smart and a decent person, but... well, no buts here, I wish her well. This girl really needs a (medium-sized) hit as well as a pair of (even smallish) tits. But from what the NBC suits are saying, it doesn't look like Day One is going to do it.
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