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Re: What channel should a new Trek TV series be on?

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Wrong, if the movies are successful it proves there is a market for big budget summer scifi/action Trek. To prove there is a market for TV Trek there needs to be a new space based TV show that does well. Every time a space base show flops (Virtuality, Defying Gravity) it makes it even harder to prove TV Trek will work.
I'm sorry but the bulk of sci-fi that has been coming out in the last few years on TV has been consistently bad, I don't know anything about Virtuality or Defying Gravity, and what I do know about for the most part is terrible (Stargate), with only one exception. It seems that the only consistently good sci-fi as of late has been coming out in novels. Star Trek has a built in fan base, and if they produce a non episodic format again they might succeed again in capturing the casual viewer. Don't presume that Star Trek is dead when it did so well even when I thought it was awful (Enterprise should have done far worse in my opinion).
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