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Re: DS9 Avatar Contest 117

You know, I just noticed that despite what I'd thought before, Dukat actually WAS made to look younger in this episode. Age is hard to tell with Cardassians, but I definitely see it. The thing is, though, that apparently their lifespan is quite long when compared with humans...


When it comes to Dukat...this says it all right here. It's not a woman he sees, but a pretty thing to add to his collection.

(Note: I had to crop this one to get rid of a REALLY creeptastic resemblance to my AU version of Dukat. In the original screencap, it ALMOST looked like he had long hair...! )


The past comes back to haunt Odo...

Random Theme:

Here's an avatar I use sometimes over at Ad the "good twin" of Dukat: an alternate version that made much better choices despite living a rougher life than the canon version ever did.

The text and cropping were done by me, and AU Dukat and his stories are mine. The wonderful artwork was done by SLWatson, and she kindly granted me permission to use this art in any manner I wished.

Any compliments for Steff should be directed here to this link, where you'll find a "contact" option.


Edited to add--You may also be able to get hold of Steff via PM at SLWatson, here.
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