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Re: Star Ship Polaris

Patrickivan wrote: View Post
Coming in a little late here- but I like this ship. Apparently so did the Jedi on the new Star Wars CGI series- they had a very similar design.
I keep hearing about this ship in Clone Wars but I've only watched a couple of episodes and haven't seen it. Are there any pictures or references online anywhere? I'm just curious to see how close the similarity really is.

Dennis wrote: View Post
IIRC the Jellyfish banked pretty hard at times (it's not like I have, oh, a bootleg of the movie to call up on my computer but am too lazy to go do that. ). I expect there may be shots where Polaris does that, as well.
You do recall correctly. I saw the movie nine times in the theater and pretty much have a visual record of it in my head.

I expect Polaris will do its share of banks and rolls at the appropriate times, but no part of it is intended to spin the way the back half of the Jellyfish did or change orientation the way the front half did.

As I said before, one of the coolest things about this design is that it doesn't really have a right-side-up other than the direction of the lettering on its hull. Combine that with a camera that isn't locked-off in the Z-axis and I think you could get some very interesting results.
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