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Re: Dukat's love for Ziyal--genuine or selfish?

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If he loved her, he didn't seem terribly interested in what made her happy. I think he needed her love and forgiveness to obtain a feeling of absolution for his actions during the occupation.
That's a really good point, Kelso. It was love, I think, but love with a very strong element of self-interest and self-aggrandizement in it. It was a very...Dukatian kind of love.

He may not have even really loved her - that is, loved her in a more normal, a less twisted, Dukatian way - or realized how much she meant to him, until she was dead. Of course, in a way, it's easier to love somebody then because it's easier to idealize a person who no longer does anything to anger you or annoy you. I'm not being sarcastic or belittling - it really does happen that way sometimes in real life.

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