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Re: Star Ship Polaris

IIRC the Jellyfish banked pretty hard at times (it's not like I have, oh, a bootleg of the movie to call up on my computer but am too lazy to go do that. ). I expect there may be shots where Polaris does that, as well.

I'm really, really happy with what Vektor is doing with the ship. I can build a CG model and add detail to it based on my sense of logic and by looking at reference materials of objects that I decide are similar - sometimes it looks good, but quite often doesn't work. What I don't have the talent to do is come up with inspired, intuitive and aesthetically pleasing additions like he does. Putting a radar dish on the front of the Enterprise is the kind of thing I might stumble across - designing that concavity into the bottom of the Enterprise saucer is the kind of thing that I'd never come up with. IMAO that's a lot of the quality that Vektor brings to this.
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