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Re: The Plan - Grading & Discussion

^ Her Cylon-aware persona was obviously triggered by the elephant.

I'm disappointed that there was no mention of the Olympic Carrier and very little mention of the farms or Cylon re-population of the colonies. I was hoping to see more of what the Cylons were up to behind the scenes. Also, the Shelley Godfrey disguise/wig was ridiculous. She should have just spaced herself.

I did like that Cavill's Cylon agents all disappointed him with their love for humanity and inability to carry out their assignments (except Doral). Also, I loved that the great and mysterious "PLAN!" was a clusterfuck and that the evil mastermind behind the entire thing was essentially a child with a severe need to be loved/admired by his parents. I wonder if that little boy called "John" ever existed in the first place.
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