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Re: The Plan - Grading & Discussion

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- I'm of two minds about Boomer. On the one hand, this is probably the only way to explain her actions in the first season, but seeing her talking to Cavil and knowing that she's a Cylon before being resurrected felt a bit off. She accepted that she was a Cylon agent very quickly when she saw the elephant, but after resurrection it took her months to accept that she's a Cylon?
I'm not sure what you're saying here... I was confused by the Boomer thing as well, at first, and I wondered if we're supposed to think that she knew she was a Cylon. Which would have meant that I would have to spit on The Plan, Jane Espenson and Ron Moore for the biggest, least necessary and most absurd retcon and character assassination of the show - not to mention that it all wouldn't have made any sense at all, because in that case, she wouldn't have been a sleeper agent at all!

Then I noticed the toy elephant thingy and what Cavil was doing with it, and paid more attention to her behavior... And the only way it can all make sense is if, as it seems to me, we're supposed to think that Boomer had some sort of split personality, one who believed she was human, and one who knew she was a Cylon, and the former had no idea what the latter was doing. And the elephant seems to be some sort of device which allowed her 'aware' state to be triggered (and finished). The camera was constantly focusing on the elephant, and Cavil was holding it - or putting it in her arms - whenever he had his conversations with her. In the water scene, she seemed completely baffled by finding herself there (just as she actually was in season 1), right after Cavil left. And in their final conversation, when she was in the brig, it looked like she stopped recognizing him the moment he took the elephant away, when she said "I don't need a priest".

Or, maybe none of this is true, and I'm just giving the writers too much credit and making sense of things, when they're actually morons who have just ignored any continuity and devalued the entire season 1 and Boomer's story.
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