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Re: I, Borg and Descent

CoveTom--You make an interesting point about Lore...and yet I think that Lore was always a mustache-twirling villain, for better or for worse. He wasn't a Dukat, ever--his whole point was to be the "mirror" or "evil twin," and he was never given really complex motives other than that he was somehow deranged right from the start. Ultimately, that arc had to be resolved. And I personally liked seeing Lore meet his end.

I also liked the chance to revisit Hugh and see progression in his character. In was this progression that made me dislike how Seven of Nine was handled, because I felt it completely ignored the precedent we had, that even a Borg with absolutely no memories of a prior life that we know of could come into much fuller intensity of emotional experience than Seven ever did.

As for FC, I was not that bothered by the Queen, and could even see her purpose perhaps as not so much controller of the Borg Collective but as some kind of "release valve" for all the emotional dreck that must be pent up by the assimilation process.

But once we hit VOY--I did not like the way the power of the Borg collective was cheapened.

I would have preferred to see rebellion from within, or a Cylon-like civil war, which showed promise of starting with "Descent." Some of VOY's earlier explorations, like "Unity" did seem like things we could've seen with the civil war, but never did. I actually think this would've been more convincing than what we did see with the Borg because I think--though it's hard to articulate this properly--that the Borg were set up as SUCH a Big Bad that the arc needed to be resolved once and for all because there was no way that the writers could ever keep one-upping themselves after the setup in "Q Who?" and "Best of Both Worlds" without reducing the Borg's power.

But that's just me.
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