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Re: Anybody else sick of Vampires?

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I liked Tanya Huff's portrayal of Henry Fitzroy. (I am Vampire. Behold and tremble, mortal!) Whenever a really good vampire book/movie/series appears, I'll be there. Ready made fan.
It took long enough for someone to mention the Blood series.

I haven't read the books yet (though I have four of them, plus one from the spinoff series), but I enjoyed the TV show. Pity nobody was watching it because it was on some obscure cable network in the US. Here in Canada, it aired on Space and I know a lot of people who were watching it. Every time I see Tanya I ask her, "When are the DVDs coming out?" (I think she said they were due out early in 2010, but I might be misremembering.)

I've heard that Let The Right One In is very good - it was nominated for a Constellation Award this past year, but it only drew about 2% of the vote. I'd never heard of it before it showed up on the ballot - it didn't get a lot of publicity, as far as I know.
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