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Re: The Plan - Grading & Discussion

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Where are people seeing this?
Well I watched it on my TV, I imagine many others might have done the same, although some may have watched it on computer monitors, and a small few have probably seen it on their wall by use of a projector.

I voted Above Average, although I might have voted average had Fleet Cavil not stabbed that annoying kid towards the end. I agree with most people, the opening showing the attacks on the colonies was excellent, but the rest of the episode felt a bit like a fanwankish clip-show. I would have been okay with that if they had come up with a clever way of tying together all the Cylon actions in the first 2 seasons into a cohesive plan, which is what I was hoping for given the title, but the whole thing is just as convoluted as it seemed from the human point of view.

- I wasn't a fan of the story of the resistance on Caprica, it had its moments but it didn't bring much new to the table.

- I'm of two minds about Boomer. On the one hand, this is probably the only way to explain her actions in the first season, but seeing her talking to Cavil and knowing that she's a Cylon before being resurrected felt a bit off. She accepted that she was a Cylon agent very quickly when she saw the elephant, but after resurrection it took her months to accept that she's a Cylon?

- I would have liked more Doral. I think I understand why he blew himself up, because he was already known to the humans, so was Adama his target?

- I liked the story of Fleet Simon and thought his suicide was very emotional, but I didn't like the fact that they created the character of his wife and shoe-horned her in as one of Tyrol's friends.

- Shelly Godfrey, I don't have much to say about her story, it is pretty much what you would expect. But what happened to prostitute Six?

- Dean Stockwell is great to watch. He could play John Major in a movie and manage to make him interesting and charismatic.

There was no moment where I thought to myself "Aha! It all makes sense now!" which is a pity as I was hoping there might be. It has its moments and some of them are quite powerful, but it as a whole it wasn't the knock-out that it probably could never have been.

Best line: They call this a suicide vest, but I think that undersells all the homicide that goes along with it, don't you?
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