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- Cavil's evolution throughout the movie was vague, but I did like how it ended. By the way, I was wondering for a while now if the Cavil we saw in season 4 was the only one and it looks like he was. The Cavils had a change of heart and so one of them boxed the rest.
That can't be the case, since we definitely saw multiple Ones in the New Caprica arc and the rest of season 3. Besides, one individual Cylon couldn't box all the other copies of his model, since they would far outnumber and outvote him. But it's clear that Fleet Cavil won the intra-model argument and had Caprica Cavil boxed, because all the other Ones we see in S3 and S4 seem to agree with Fleet Cavil.

It also seems that the main One we see in S4 - the one involved with Boomer and arguing with Ellen - is probably Fleet Cavil.
I just rewatched the ending. It does seem like it was only Caprica Cavil who was boxed. Still, I was and still am under the impression that there was only one Cavil by the end of the series. It certainly looked that way and makes sense given his power hungry ego. Maybe what happened to Caprica Cavil set a precedent. How would one Cavil round up the rest? The same way all the Threes were rounded up I suppose. Hopefully I'll get a better look at all this when I rewatch the entire show again at some point.
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