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Re: Admiral Brukk's Lonely Hearts Club

I have such a brutally high standard in terms of women I would be interested in that the possibility of one coming along is far from probable, at least in my present situation. In all reality, I am lonely; I don't really like living a solitary life. On the same scale, I find it preferable over the companionship of most people.

Realistically, my goals are professional. If I have some sort of business that I can pour my allegience and passion into, that is what I'll root my purpose in. Everything else is secondary. I suppose in a certain sense, that is one reason, if not the reason why romantic relationships don't come naturally for me. I have a certain system of professionalism/formalism and drive to accomplish that I use as a shield.

Folks who just want to have fun living rub me the wrong way - not because there is anything wrong with them - but because it just isn't my nature. My dream is to change the world; and I do have an idea of distinct things that I want to achieve for the betterment of humanity between now and the time I die. Surely, I may not achieve those things; but the last thing I need is social baggage that wouldn't support my vision, or worse yet, would get in the way of it. (Lord knows, one's self can be a big enough roadblock to success at times!)

Being 21, I know I've got time... but having never actually been involved in a romantic relationship of any form, it is definitely something that I am thinking about more as time goes on. My general expectation is that when I get more established, in the 25-35 age range, I'll meet the right person. I like to fall back on the old Warren Buffett quote, which goes... "You don't have to do that many things right; just avoid making too many mistakes."
"The strain of the primitive... remained alive and active. Faithfulness and devotion, things born of fire and roof, were his; yet he retained his wildness and wiliness."

- The Call of the Wild, by Jack London
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